PPC, SEO, Website Design

The Project

Fit My Floor are social media stars. They have 19,000+ Facebook followers and counting!

The problem was the website did not match the rising social media presence and found that whilst there were a lot of enquiries from social media work, they were not always of high quality and conversion rates needed work.

We were tasked with creating a website which could showcase FMF’s large range of products, encourage enquiries and also two way interaction with clients. FMF also needed to know which channels their enquiries were coming from and with a second store opening in Cardiff, we needed to get a website ready for launch!

The Brief

The website needed to be built to compete and stand out in the busy marketplace of South Wales flooring.

The project involved showcasing and the projects in a structured way, provide the ability to enquire for the selected products, implement live chats, analytical tools and of course a modern website.

On-going we were asked to look after FMF’s SEO campaign to increase visablity in Newport and grow visablity from scratch in Cardiff.

As a short to medium term solution, we created and maintained a PPC campaign targetting the two City’s in question.

The Result

Traffic has increased by 154% over a 6 month period, when compared to the previous year.

Organic traffic is up by 70% and the introduction of a PPC campaign also had a positive effect on driving qualified traffic to the site.

Creating a variety of ways for a client to interact with the business has led to the website becoming a lead generation tool in its own right and complemented the social media activity the business still regularly undertakes.