The Project

City Locksmith Cardiff are one of the major players in the Cardiff Locksmith industry and therefore place a heavy reliance on directive advertising on and offline.

After a contract finished with another provider City Locksmiths tasked LP Digital with rejuvenating the Cardiff PPC campaign.

The brief was simple, improve the performance of the campaign.

The Brief

As we had the same budget as the previous provider, we had to look away from purely the figures to see where we could add value.

We were given permission to design a new landing page for the website to field the PPC traffic, whilst completing market and competitor research to ascertain the keywords which provide the lowest cost per conversion.

The Result

A new campaign, however, the results already show a CPC lowered by £2.38 when compared to previous campaigns and a CTR 1.89% higher.

Quality scores were also a KPI requested by the client and our campaign averages are much higher than that previously achieved by the client or past companies.